Harding's Family Martial Arts

Specializing in KAJUKENBO Karate

Our karate school is pleased to be able to serve the DeKalb and northern Illinois region. We offer karate classes for everyone...young, old, male, female. We even have karate classes where parents and children can work out together!

Karate is an excellent way to get a workout while learning self-defense and gaining self-confidence. Students at our school are encouraged to work at their own level, whatever that level may be. Advancement is also at an individual pace.

Conveniently located in downtown DeKalb, IL, Family Martial Arts provides an opportunity for it's students to experience aspects of many different styles of martial arts. We also teach situational awareness and advocate conflict avoidance.

The principle style taught at our school is a type of mixed martial art called Kajukenbo. See "What is KAJUKENBO?" for a history of this karate style.

The Harding Family of Black Belts:

Austin, Eddie

Jody, George